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Where did you get your theme, omg.

Here :)

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I just read through your about me, and I'm a bit dumbfounded. You couldn't possibly have any respect for Lady Gaga OR David Bowie as artists, considering all the things Miss Gaga has ripped off from Bowie. Not only are you encouraging a glorified tribute act, but you're also disrespecting one of the most creative individuals of our time. Just leaving my two cents.

Oh you’re still mad about the lightning bolt?

Pretty sure my ‘about me’ page states who I’m a fan of and if that bothers anyone then they shouldn’t follow me, not: hey come and tell me how wrong you think I am in a message!

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what was your previous url?

plastique-soul (which I have now hoarded since all my stuff links that as the source)

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Do you not like Tori Amos?

Personally, I don’t listen to her music. I have no problem with her whatsoever. She is talented and I think she’s pretty. I just did not appreciate that “superficiality” post.
What I said has nothing at all to do with Tori Amos. It however, had all to do with the insult and implication that fans of Gaga are superficial. Why must people put down those who are fans of another artist (in this case, as usual; Lady Gaga) to prove their point/opinions about Tori? And why must others be labeled or be judged because they’re a fan of this or that artist and you aren’t?
Music is music and we are all going to like a variety of genres and musicians that others may not agree with. The superiority and judgment is ridiculous.

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omg i luv ur blog its so cute i luv bowie ziggy stardust is so cool. mj's cool too but only in the 80s. lol :) gaga's alrite. sometimes shes an attenton whore but i like some of her music. neway just wanted 2 let u know that u have a nice tumblr. <3

mj’s cool too but only in the 80s

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hello, you made a David Bowie gif in which he is saying no shit sherlock, would you happen to know which interview it's from and the link if you possibly have it? thanks.

As soon as I get home, anon, I will edit with the link. :)

Alright anon, I got the gif from this video here 

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Your blog is the reason I masturbate.

That’s just faptastic! I’m glad to help you out, anon.

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Pride: Something that I like about myself.

I like the fact that I’m finally able to put my foot down and stop letting people walk all over me. It’s liberating~